for Student-Athletes


  • Everyday is a job interview.  Shirts tucked, hats straight, belt worn, cleats and athletic shoes (for fieldhouse purposes)

  • Black Sleeves, Black Belt

  • No Jewelry

Missing Practice or Game

  • The PLAYER themselves must communicate with the coach. Make sure to have coach's contact info.

    • Please try to schedule Doctor appointments around practices and games.

    • Wednesdays are recommended right after school for any appointments.

  • Unexcused = Subject to missing playing time (We do not accept players participating in other baseball programs during season)

School Attendance

  • Players must attend all periods throughout the day to be eligible for GAMES and PRACTICES!

    • ​For Dr. appointments must excuse through attendance office.


  • Players struggling with school and failing grades may face playing time disciplinary action. School and grades are always priority.

Memorial Tournament (Hosting 225 youth teams)

  • All players 9th-11th are to contribute to working the fields as our fundraiser this weekend. 

  • We will be in charge of a possible 10 fields at 4 different locations needing all hands on deck.

This program is committed to creating success ON and OFF the field