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The Fieldhouse

The 5,000 square foot indoor baseball practice facility features premium synthetic turf, offering a realistic and durable playing surface for year-round training. Equipped with video and audio systems, players can analyze their performance in real-time and receive immediate feedback. The facility also includes a dozen Tanner hitting tees, ensuring ample resources for individual and group hitting practice.


Pitching Machines

Our JUGS and ATEC pitching machines provide an authentic training experience, replicating the velocity faced by professional players. The ATEC is equipped with a hopper feeder system, so batters receive a continuous and uninterrupted flow of balls for efficient practice sessions. This advanced technology is ideal for players aiming to improve their timing, reflexes, and overall hitting performance against high-speed pitches.


Batting Cages

Our state-of-the-art batting cages boast an easy-to-use cable system, allowing for swift setup and adjustments to accommodate different training needs. Three bays include two pitching machines, offering a diverse range of pitches to enhance the batting practice experience. This setup ensures a efficient training experience, ideal for both individual practice and team drills.



The HitTrax system is a cutting-edge athlete development technology that seamlessly integrates computer vision-enabled ball tracking, delivering instantaneous response times and unparalleled player engagement. By providing real-time stats and key hitting performance metrics, HitTrax allows players to gain immediate insights into their performance.


The system also offers powerful video analysis and comprehensive trend reports, enabling detailed performance tracking over time. With its patented technology, HitTrax creates a unique and immersive experience that enhances player engagement and fosters a deeper connection with instructional feedback. This innovative approach not only improves skill development but also makes training sessions more interactive and effective.

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